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Royal Jelly

The recent buzz in the honey products has been royal jelly and there is no doubt that this product needs all the attention that it has been getting off late. Royal Jelly is the result of the secretion of worker honey bees and has been known for having stunning health benefits that can make a lot of difference in our everyday lives. Are you wondering what these health benefits could be? Read on to know more. This magical ingredient is essentially made of 60% to 70% water, 12% to 15% proteins, 10% to 16% sugar, 3% to 6% fats, and 2% to 3% vitamins, salts, and amino acids. However, the composition also is dependent on the place and the flora of the region. It is known to be used by queen bees for nutritional values.

1. Adding immunity: Do you feel easily worn out after some extensive work? A regular dosage of royal jelly can help you feel better with time. It helps in improving the overall body immunity given the fact that it has an extremely high source of rich vitamins and minerals. It also improvises the working efficiency of the body organs and stimulates endurance capacity. The product is highly recommended for children and adults alike. It is also known to bring the hormonal balance in both men and women and also known to fight diseases such as asthma, infertility, chronic fatigue and others.

2. Improved memory: Regular consumption of royal jelly helps in fighting stress and assists in maintaining a healthy life. The composition is said to fight mild depression, enhances good sleeping patterns, regulates blood pressure, and balances the overall nervous system. To add on it is also known to lead to an improved digestive system, and reduces tension. Thus from these facts it is evident that royal jelly not only helps in restoring immunity but also helps in having a relaxed mind that is equally important for a healthy life.

3. Beauty effects: In general all honey related products are highly famous for the skin and hair wonders that they can actually enhance. Royal jelly is known to fight skin relates issues such as dry skin, acne, eczema and dermatosis. It improves in restoring the strength of bones, hair, nails thus leading to flawless skin and hair with natural sheen. It helps in fighting the deteriorating stamina of the bones and thereby avoids bone related problems such as knee pain and rheumatic problems.

4. Menopausal symptoms: Several researches have been carried out to confirm that a regular dosage of royal jelly helps women tackle menopausal stress in a much better manner. The phase known to cause emotional stress and several bodily changes in women was handled with ease with the help of this product.

5. Natural shield: This product also helps in acting as a shield against flu and usual nasal allergies. By using it for a period of 3-6 months it has been noticed that the allergies especially related to pollen such as sneezing, congestion and eye allergies can be reduced. Also being a natural anti-biotic it helps the body in fighting external influences such as sore throat, fever, respiratory issues, and acts as an anti-bacterial. The composition of royal jelly is very rich and hence it also helps in controlling bad cholesterol and helps in maintaining good blood circulation.

6. Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammation: These qualities of royal jelly are known to handle heart diseases as studies show that regular administration of royal jelly suppressed the pro-inflammatory compounds. This leads to act as a combatant against heart diseases and even Alzheimer’s.

Dosage: Royal Jelly is one of best-suited supplements that helps in improving the health of the mind and the body equally. Ideally 10ml – 20ml of the liquid extract every day is recommended. However an opinion is always advised when administrating the same to children. Fresh royal jelly must always be stored in a cool and dry place.
Even though royal jelly is a great supplement several research studies are being conducted to prove that it can even cure cancer, infertility and diabetic foot ulcers. The conclusions are still being worked upon for more concrete determination of the found results. There are hardly any side effects noted for consumption of royal jelly. However care must be taken that it should not be provided to infants, people with allergy to bee products. It is advised to start with weekly doses and then makes it more regular.

Honey Stick

Honey has been in usage since the ancient period. It has found an immense place in Ayurveda and the medicinal value of this product has been long recognized in India. Given the abundant existence of flowers and trees, procuring honey is an easy alternative to the beekeepers and thus apiculture has become a (more…)

Health Benefits


What is the current beekeeping scenario in India?

Beekeeping is an excellent source of employment for the rural unemployed in India. Currently, more than 350,000 farmers in India are employed through Beekeeping.
Climatic changes have resulted in lesser rainfall, leading to increase in difficulty to maintain bee colonies. It is because of this that sugar feed and antibiotics usage is on the rise.
Due to the domination of bigger brands and inflow of cheap honey from China, native beekeepers are forced to keep lesser profit margins, and in many cases end up selling for a loss.

Why should you carefully choose your Honey in India?

Adulteration: Most of the Indian honey brands, in a fight to offer low prices, resort to contamination of honey by mixing sugar. Even popular brands like Dabur reportedly add 20%-70% sugar. Adding sugar suppresses the primary benefit of honey. Refined dietary sugars lack minerals and vitamins and are often called empty calories. Honey, a natural sweetener, on the other hand, contains 22 amino acids and a variety of minerals essential for its metabolism.
Contamination: Most developed countries have banned or regulated strict quality standards for honey. Most of the Indian branded honey makers meet those standards when exporting honey, but resort to dumping their contaminated honey in the Indian market. The potent antibiotics found in commercial honey samples in India are Chloramphenicol, Fluoroquinolones, Tetracyclines, Nitrofurans, Streptomycins and Sulfanomides. These antibiotics are fed to bees to prevent diseases, promote quick growth and increase production numbers to meet commercial targets.
Honey Laundering/Circumvention: Honey has become a staple food in the West. Due to heavy demand, they started importing honey and as with any other case, China started polluting the American honey market with sub-standard honey. In 2001, the US government increased duties to 221% for honey imports from China, to curb this. Unfortunately, a lot of this Chinese honey is coming into India now. Most of the popular brands mix Indian honey with Chinese imported honey to bring down their selling price. Contrary to other products where branded means more expensive, you can get branded honey in India a lot cheaper than pure natural honey.
Harmful Honey Processing: To standardize the taste and improve the texture, Honey is pasteurized by heating. The pasteurizing process in turn destroys the essential enzymes and converts the nutrient-rich Honey to a mere sugar syrup. Poor quality of the Honey leads to decreased consumption in India. An average German consumes 2.1kg of honey per year, whereas it is limited to around 8gm for an Indian.

It is really unfortunate that nature’s best gift to man itself is being adulterated in India. This is precisely one of the reasons we started Honey House.

What is Honey House? is an e-commerce portal dedicated for pure honey and honey-based products. In addition to the usual honey which all of us must have tasted, we bring certain unique honey products to the table, including Monofloral Honey (honey collected from a single species of plants), Flavored Honey, Bee Pollen and Honey Dips.

How does Honey House operate?

Honey House is a Joint Venture by Shamee Bee Farm and HashTag Technologies, Tamilnadu. Mr. Jeykumar of Shamee Bee Farm is a Limca Book of Records holder, and has been in the honey business for the past 25 years. We have our bee hives predominantly in Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh, primarily owing to the conducive climate and rich flora of these regions. And true to the #MakeInIndia initiative, our honey completely comes from Indian farms, thus creating income sources for hundreds of indigenous farmers.

How do we select the hive placement regions?

We have strict criteria to select hive placements. These include:

Proximity of Natural Water sources: Bees require water as much as humans to thrive. In order to not use any antibiotics and for natural bee health, we choose regions which are in close proximity to natural water sources.
Organic Fields: Pesticides and Artificial manure affect the bee health in a big way. We choose farms which use organic feed and natural pesticides.
No mobile towers: Microwaves adversely impact pollination and the health of bees. So we choose farms which are away from mobile phone towers.
Constant Migration: Since India is a huge country with a variety of flora, the flowering season of each region keeps changing, and we need to migrate the honey colonies at strategic intervals to keep the bee population on the rise and also improve the quality of honey.
What quality standards does Honey House adhere to?

  • 100% natural Honey without any artificial substances. We are proud to have obtained “Special Grade” classification from AGMARK. Also, our Honey is regularly tested for quality by the Central Bee Research and Training Institute(CBRTI) in Pune, something which even the bigger Honey brands in India do not do.
  • No artificial sugar feed. All our honey comes from 100% natural nectar. However, during rainy seasons, in order to save the bee population from dying, we provide sugar feed, but that is only for the bee colony. We do not extract that honey and sell it commercially.
  • We do not do any harmful honey pasteurization processes which heat honey up to 160 degrees C. Our post processing involves removal of bee body residues, dust and wax – which are not fit for human consumption, and making honey homogeneous.
  • Our Honey is subjected to thorough lab examination by the CBRTI to keep our moisture, sugar, acidity and other levels as per international standards.

An Appeal our Readers:

As you have read above, it is our noble initiative to make pure natural honey available to everyone in India. Pure Honey has innumerable health benefits including weight loss, memory enhancement, boosting energy levels, healing wounds, healthy hair & skin, etc., We would like all of your encouragement and support in this venture of ours! #SayYesToHoney


The Benefits of Honey

Honey Stick

How is honey good for you?

#1 Honey combats anemia

Anemia is caused by iron deficiency in the blood. When there isn’t enough iron in the blood, a person will feel exhausted because the ability to carry oxygen through the body is reduced. If you do not have enough oxygen, your heart, your brain, everything in your body will function on a lower level. So building up oxygen in the blood is extremely important. How healthy the body is and how easily it rejuvenates itself depends on the level of oxygen in the blood. Women in particular have to be careful. They tend to become anemic much more easily than men.

Red Blood Cells
Honey is good against anemia. If you consume a little bit of honey in warm water on a daily basis, you will see, the red blood cell count will gradually go up. Once there is more oxygen in the blood, you will feel a burst of energy. Suddenly, everything will be more active – rejuvenation and cell renewal will go up, and the level of inertia in your body and mind will go down. One of the reasons why women tend to get more easily depressed than men is, they have a lower level of oxygen in the blood stream. If the oxygen level is too low, depression can set in easily.

#2 Honey balances blood pressure

If you are among those who tend to get dizzy when you stand up quickly, you may have low blood pressure. Low blood pressure means not enough blood, but most importantly, not enough oxygen reaches the brain. If you feel dizzy when you put your head down, it could be because you have high blood pressure. Either because of high blood pressure or due to lack of oxygen you feel dizzy.

Consuming honey evens out these imbalances. Blood pressure builds up depending upon the requirement of the body. People think hypertension is a disease. It is not. It is an adjustment that the body makes. If for some reason the body needs more oxygen and other nutrients than it normally does, or the blood is not of the quality that it should be, quicker circulation or more frequent servicing of the organs is required. So the system pumps harder and pressure builds up.

For low blood pressure, the system has adjusted itself to pump low. Or it could be congenital – the system is not strong enough to pump as it is needed. Or there may be some other issue with the circulatory process or the chemistry of the blood. Often, a combination of factors contributes to this condition. Similarly with hypertension – it creates a secondary layer of consequences, but the first layer of consequence is hypertension itself – it is a consequence, not a cause.

#3 Is honey good for you and your yoga too?

For people who are doing yogic practices, it is especially good to consume honey. For a yoga practitioner, who is pushing the body in certain ways, keeping the circulatory system and the blood chemistry in balance is essential. Regular consumption of honey brings that balance and makes you more vibrant. We want to consume it in warm water because we want the system to open up.

Yoga is about becoming conscious of all these wonderful nuances of the body. The more nuances you become aware of, the finer your life will become. Otherwise, it is a gross existence – simply eat, sleep, die.

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